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The tornado of 15 March 1875

The prompt for 52 Ancestors this week is Storm, and I have a story for that. 1875 was the year of the tornado for South Carolina, it seems. There was a large outbreak of tornadoes on March 19-20, 1875; but I’m writing about a tornado that took place on March 15, 1875 in Richland County, […]

Work on the road OR pay the tax

The prompt for 52 Ancestors/52 Weeks this week was: Taxes I remembered that I have tax receipts for my great-grandfather, Adolphus Burdine Martin (1867-1917). I thought they might contain something interesting, and they did. (First, I want to tell my Martin cousins that if they want copies of these tax receipts just let me know. […]

Vienna, Virginia: the old homestead of my mom’s family

The prompt for  52Ancestors this week is Old Homestead. There isn’t an old homestead in any of my family lines. After some thought, I came to the conclusion that my parents’ house was the Old Homestead for my mom’s family. My parents’ house was about the only house that was a constant in all of […]

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