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How to make the most of your life, revisited

As I mourn the recent and unexpected loss of my husband, Jim, I think back to this poem that my grandmother loved. Portions of this blog post were taken from a blog post from 2014.   After my grandma, Florrie THOMAS MARTIN, passed away we found a portion of “The Clock of Life” by Robert […]

Florrie saves Jenny’s life

My grandmother, Florrie THOMAS MARTIN, was a strong, tough farmer’s wife. You can read more about her here.  She didn’t shy away from hard work and didn’t often panic either. Here’s the story of when she saved Jenny’s life. My grandparents, Daniel and Florrie Martin, had a beagle named Jenny. Jenny lived outside, but she […]

Blood on the stairs

My grandparents, Daniel and Florrie MARTIN, were tenant farmers. They farmed on several farms after they left South Carolina, mostly in Virginia. They never knew what kind of house they would encounter when they arrived on a new job. I remember my mom, Gladys MARTIN HEISER, telling me about arriving at one house that had […]

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