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Myrtle to the rescue

My paternal grandmother’s first cousin, Myrtle Virginia HILLARD BURROUGHS (1903-1977), was unusual. The Myrtle I knew When I knew Myrtle, she was a widow and she had no children. She worked in an office and always wore stylish clothes and lots of pancake makeup, as it was called in those days. She even smoked unfiltered […]

19th century ‘drag race’ goes awry

Newspaper research is delightful. Even if I don’t find information about my family when searching newspapers, I always come across stories that remind me how life in the 21st century has a lot in common with life in previous centuries.     Below is an article about a ‘drag race’ that took place 19 July […]

Thunderstorms with Gladys

We had fierce thunderstorms here yesterday evening. Lots of wind and thunder and lightning. Storms like these always remind me of my mom, Gladys MARTIN HEISER (1921-1999).   Storm sitting with Mom My mom was terrified of thunderstorms. When my sister, Joyce, and I were growing up, at the first sign of a thunderstorm, Mom […]

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