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Florrie and the cure for the itch

(This blog post originally appeared on May 29, 2014) What do you remember from when you were 3 or 4 years old? Something unusual I’d guess. When I was 3, I locked myself in the bathroom at the neighborhood Peoples Drug Store. I can still hear my blood-curdling screams and see my feet and hands […]

Mother’s Day 1980

On Mother’s Day in 1980, my mom, Gladys MARTIN HEISER, turned the table on my dad, Charlie, and gave him a Mother’s Day card. She wrote a touching poem, and created¬†artwork for the front of the card that represented things in our yard like the green metal shed, the apple tree, and my dad’s green […]

The murder of Thomas Wescott, part 2

This is part 2 of The Murder of Thomas Wescott. Read part 1 here   Suicide ruled out At first, police suspected Thomas committed suicide. For one thing the nearby pistol, which was his, had been discharged twice and it was the same caliber as the ones used in the shooting. Suicide was ruled out […]

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