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Memorial Day: Phillip Martin – Farmer, Preacher, POW

The prompt for 52 Ancestors/52 Weeks is Memorial Day. Phillip MARTIN, my 2nd great-grandfather, was born 30 March 1831 to Joel E. MARTIN and Sarah GILL MARTIN. He was the 8th born of their 11 children.   Farming in his blood Joel was a planter/farmer, and Phillip followed in that line of work according to all […]

52 Ancestors/52 Weeks: Another language

This week’s prompt is: Another language This was a challenge for me since both my mom and dad’s families have been in the United States for centuries so all the documents I’ve used are in English. There is another language I have dealt with, though…legalese in old documents. Reading old legal documents can quickly make […]

A Mother’s Day book review

This Mother’s Day I’m not writing about my own mother. Instead I’m writing about the mother of a writer friend of mine. Coming to America: A Girl Struggles to Find Her Way in the New World, written by Diana Erbio, is the story of Rosalie, a young teenager who moves with her parents and older […]

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