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Earl Frost: a bold move and an early death

A distant MARTIN cousin, G., asked one day if I had information about a mutual cousin she was researching. That inquiry led us both down several rabbit trails that answered some questions and brought up more. I’ll blog about that another day. On one of the rabbit trails, I found a clump of young deaths […]

Favorite Photo: a surprise father & son photo

A recent prompt for 52 Ancestor in 52 Weeks was Favorite Photo. I have a lot of favorite photos, but below is my current most favorite one. Last weekend, my second cousin, T., sent me a photo via Messenger and asked if that was my dad in the photo.  YES! My dad is in the […]

52 Ancestors/52 Weeks: Favorite Find

Favorite Find is this week’s prompt for 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. I’ve had these vintage photo packs for years. They belonged to my parents, Charles L. HEISER (1913-2001) and Gladys MARTIN HEISER (1921-1999). I’d flipped through them enough to know the photos were from a 1951 trip to Florida. The photo packs went into […]

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