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The Short Life of Arthur J. Terry

Arthur James Terry was born 4 October 1901 in South Carolina, most likely in Richland County. His parents were John TERRY (1868-1942) and Maria MARTIN TERRY (1874-1950). Maria was a sister of my great-grandfather, Adolphus Burdine MARTIN (1687-1917) which makes Arthur my first cousin, twice removed. Early Life Arthur’s family lived on the Fort Jackson […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

A few months ago, MyHeritage.com introduced a colorization tool for photos. I blogged about it here and showed examples of photos I used the tool on and the amazing results.  Now MyHeritage.com has introduced an enhancement tool for photos, too. I couldn’t wait to try it out after watching this webinar about what the tool […]


You may have just gotten an email from me about me doing a test to see if a fix worked. I didn’t mean for it to go out to everyone but it did. The good thing is that the fix worked! Thanks for understanding about the unintended post and have a wonderful day. Nancy

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