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Splish Splash!

In September 2018, Hurricane Florence was heading for the southeast coast of the United States. Being in North Carolina, my daughter, L., and I prepped for the storm by buying batteries and non-perishable food, filling up the gas cans, and securing lightweight yard items. We lined two large plastic trashcans with thick plastic bags and […]

Happy New Year and News From Me

Just a reminder that you don’t have to make resolutions. Or huge decisions. Or big proclamations. You can just set some sweet intentions and take each day as it comes. -Victoria Erickson As some of you know, I’ve been blogging about family history and other things for a long time, but there haven’t been a lot […]

5 Things I Like About Christmas and 5 Things I Don’t

A writer on Medium, a platform I write on, gave a list of writing prompts for December. Here’s my response to one of them. What are 5 things you like about Christmas and 5 things you don’t like about it? Ah, Christmas!  Five things I like about you! Bah! Humbug! Five things I don’t like […]

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