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Favorite Photo: Posed v. Candid

Several weeks ago Favorite Photo was a prompt for 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. Here’s one of my favorite photos. I’m actually showing two photos, and you’ll see why below. A little background Theodosia Marie “Dosia” THOMAS MARTIN (1893-1954) was my first cousin, twice removed. Her father, James Renatus “Renn” THOMAS (1865-1949) was the only […]

Don’t pinch me! I’m not Irish! Or am I? (A St. Patrick’s Day story)

Kids can be mean. When I was in elementary school, every St. Patrick’s Day meant a day of being pinched if you weren’t wearing green. I wasn’t Irish (or Catholic), so I didn’t pay much attention to St. Patrick’s Day. But I lived in a neighborhood with many Irish and/or Catholic families, and those kids […]

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